By   03/02/2017

If you are a man outside there, this information is very useful for you. Nowadays, you can seduce a woman on the phone, by text, via Skype, through email, by touch, etc. However, it is not as easy as it may sound, and many mean can attest this. As a man, one thing that you should know is that every woman is difference, which makes the art of seduction quite challenging to become proficient at. But if you are attracted to a woman, there are various techniques you can use and win her love so let nothing stop you, but it is also good to remember that the final decision will be hers.

Tips on how to seduce a woman

1. Understand her

r4t5y6uyrtreYou can never seduce a woman if you do not understand what she wants, likes or dislikes. Knowing these things will make it easier for you to do things that make her happy. Therefore take some time to learn a few about her either by being close to where she is, asking her close friends or looking at her social media profiles. If you get an opportunity of being around her, keep your ears wide open to learn want she wants and likes. Understanding her will help you not to intimidate her and also learn how to talk and listen to her.

2. Be confident and be yourself

Every woman wants a man who is confident. If you lose confidence because of her stunning beauty, education level, lifestyle or ambitions, you will never seduce her. Be confident when talking to her on every issue and this should not be in the form of pretense, but you should develop that trait of self-confidence. Also, you cannot seduce a woman by mimicking other men. Be yourself and use your unique approach to winning her love. When you are with her, always maintain seductive eye contacts.

3. Complement and make her laugh and happy

All women love receiving compliments from men. Compliment her frequently but do not overdo it. You can keep complimenting about her dress code, hairstyle, achievements, how she carries herself, etc. Women also like being in the company of men who make them laugh and happy. Be humorous, and she will always want to be close to you. You can also make her happy by supporting what she is doing, taking her out for dinner, coffee or movie, or surprising her with her favorite gift.e3r435y65u7rter

4. Go slow

Do not rush, instead take it slow and assume that she is there for you. This will help you develop a proper strategy on how to seduce her from the start and probably win her love forever. Rushing may also raise the alarm and make her feel that you are just after achieving something and run away.