ertrhytjutythThere are numerous types of women sex toys that can give you exceptional sexual pleasures. All you have to do is to shop around and select your most preferred sex toy. But before going to the store, it is important to know the available options. The buying guide below will help you understand different types of sex toys for men and make the right decision on what suits your sexual desires

Buying guide for women sex toys

1. Vibrators

They are the most common and hottest women sex toys. There are available in different colors, functions, speeds and designs. Examples of vibrators include classic vibrators, bullet vibrators, dildo vibrators, rabbit vibrators, luxury vibrators, etc. With the varied features and functions of these vibrators, you are guaranteed of getting tantalizing, tickling and satisfying pleasure that will intensify your organism to the maximum. If you are a beginner, you can start using a clitoral vibrator. Those who want more versatile vibrators can go for vaginal vibrators, g-spot vibrators, or dual-action vibrators.

2. Dildos

The key difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that the former does not vibrate and is designed mainly for internal use only. The design of most dildos usually resemble a real penis and includes features such as a cock head and bulging veins, which are meant to give you exciting and intimate experience. Examples of dildos are double-ended dildos and ejaculating dildos. You can also buy a home-made dildo kit and make your customized dildo. Dildos are also made of different materials including synthetic, metal, glass, etc.hyjthry56t

3. Anal toys

There are a variety of anal toys, and your choice will depend on your experience or the kind of pleasure you want to achieve. If you are a beginner to anal play, consider anal toys such as small butt plugs and anal beads. The anal toys come in different shapes and sizes, each with varied levels of booty pleasure.

4. Ben Wa Balls

These sex toys are specially designed to improve your kegel muscles, also known as love or sex muscles. If these muscles are strengthened, your vagina also gets tighter thus helping you attain more powerful and pleasurable orgasms. Similar balls to these are jiggle balls, which are small rounded balls with an elastic cord. These balls strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles that are good for better sex experience and orgasm. You can use either of these balls when in your bedroom or insert them inside your vagina and go on with your daily activities.